A boat hull is a very durable object. If cared for and used in proper conditions, it can easily last 3o years. In that time period, you may go through 2 or 3 engines. With the proper maintenance, you can make use of your hull for years to come.

Today, most boat hulls are made of fiberglass, a strong material that is very durable. Boat hulls are also made of aluminum and wood, but are less common. Hulls don’t have any moving parts, so they can’t just break down. Engines, however, have many moving parts and have to operate at high RPMs. The reason for this is that boats do not gears like cars do; there is much more resistance from water, so high RPMs are needed in order for the boat to move at high speeds. This mechanical stress on the boat causes a need for more maintenance.

Your hull will last a long time, but only if you take care of it. Constantly going out into large surf will place enormous stress on you hull and over time weaken it. Most hulls are not designed to be going airborne because you want to be going 30 MPH into 4 foot waves. Also, your boat should be used in areas intended for its purpose. Lake boats should not be in large waves in open water. Also, if you plan on keeping your boat in salt water, you must have bottom paint on it and have it repainted every one to two years. Lack of bottom paint can allow barnacle and algae growth and damage the hull.


The hull of a boat is an incredible piece of engineering and will last quite some time if take care of. Remember, destroying your hull means you’ve destroyed your boat. If you hull shows signs of cracking, have it looked at immediately. Cracks can be extremely expensive to repair if ignored. Boat hulls are designed to be in one piece, not have gaps in between.

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